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#1 Rule Amendment

Posted by Check Mate Submission Only on August 13, 2015 at 12:35 PM


Effective as of: 8/13/15

At Check Mate Submission Only, we are trying to do our part in revolutionizing the sport of jiu jitsu and leading the way in competitior safety, excitement, etc.


It is our belief that jiu jitsu competitions should be fought at your natural weight class, especially at the Amatuer Levels. Even in the UFC and professional MMA, they are finally realizing that it is simply unhealthy for athletes to cut weight, diminishing the body of the very nutrients that we need to compete at our best, avoid injury, and speed recovery. We have been discussing options with several purple, brown, and black belts on how to implement a rule change that will benefit everyone and encourage people to compete within their natural weight class.


Before we dive into the issue, lets define what "Weight Cutting" really is.


"Cutting weight is the rapid loss of weight during the last week before a tournament, often involving fluid and/or food restriction."


At Check Mate, we have an amazing round robin based tournament in which 5-7 matches is the absolute minimum and many competitiors end up competing for up to an hour. The body needs to be properly hydrated, fed, and maintained to be ready for such a greuling style of tournament. We have had competitors throw up in the past, and that could very well have been to a difficult weight cut. In order to combat any damage to our athletes we decided to really manage the weight cutting thoughout our registration process and even during our event.


Our style of tournament is designed to prove who the BEST competitor really is. You can lose a match, and still come back to win the entire tournament! Too often in single elimination we get robbed of dream matchups. Not at Check Mate! Round robin makes it possible for the true #1 and #2 seeded athletes to make it to the finals and show their skills in the main event. However, when competitors cut weight by restricting fluid and food, performing at a high level is going to be a challenge. Now add that you are weight cutting for 8 matches, and you can see that this is a real problem. A problem that needs a solution. More and more studies are coming out showing that repeated weight cuts also may diminish your career and longevity within the sport as well.


We also dont want to see guys who are natural 135ers going against athletes who walk around at 165-170 and cut down to our 145 limit. This shows us that you can cut weight and bully the smaller guys. But can you hang with guys at 165, and prove that your techniques are still efficient at your natural weight class? We have more respect for 165lb fighters who compete and win in the higher weight classes.


Also keep in mind, "With skill being equal, the competitor who is able to push harder is going to win. When the body is depleted of nutrients, performance is also depleted." At 7-8 matches, we MUST keep the athletes safety in mind. Being said, we have decided to implement a new rule change that we believe will benefit everyone.


Many MMA and BJJ organizations have admitted that there is a problem that needs to be addressed with cutting weight, however nobody has stepped forth with a legitimate solution. We believe we have found the answer and we will be implementing it into our rules immediately. We are excited to lead the way as the first organization in the world to attempt to combat the weight cut issue with new techniques.




Rule Amendment #1

Rivision #1



Athletes are NOT ALLOWED to cut weight for their given weight class. Athletes will weigh in within 1.5 hours of competition and must make their weight with a maximum of 1lb allowance.


UPON COMPLETION OF THE EVENT, AND PRIOR TO RECIEVING WIN PURSE/PRIZES, WINNING FIGHTERS WILL NEED TO WEIGH IN AGAIN POST-FINALS. They wil be given a maximum of 3.5lb allowance to stay within their respective weight class limit. Failure to make the weight will result in an immediate DQ and the next highest finishing fighter to make the weight will be awarded their win purse and respective prizes. An official scale will be available at all times. FIGHTERS CAN BE UNDER WEIGHT BY ANY AMOUNT. They cannot however, at any point, be MORE THAN 3.5lbs HEAVY for their weight class. 


PRO BRACKET: Weight Cutting is Allowed for professional athletes.



Question: Im 158lb and I dont know what to do? I want to compete at 155.

Answer: You have 1-2+ months, so clean up your diet, eat healthy FULL meals and stay FULLY hydrated. Avoid sweets and candy, the 3 lbs will fly off. You will naturally walk around at 155 and will not need to be concerned. As you compete, you will continue to lose weight and any rehydration will not affect your weight negatively.


Question: Im 165 and want to compete at 155, what should I do?

Answer: If you are 7-10lbs+ from your target weight class, its time for you to consider using your time to drill hard, and staying exactly at your current weight. We do not recommend losing more than a few pounds or else you will be diminishing your natural ability, and risking a DQ.

NOTE: We are currently working with medical professionals, high level athletes, doctors, and more to ensure that our newly imposed weight limit is a healthy standard, and will amend the rule if it is considered to be neccessary. As of this moment, the 3.5 Rule will be in effect immediately. 


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